Attention! Attention! Anthony Purcell solo exhibition announced! Save the date: Sat., Sept. 4th, 2010! The masses cringe in fear!

That’s right, the hottest new gallery in Shadyside is hosting a solo exhibition of new painted works! The Gallery 4, located at 206 South Highland Avenue will be the venue for Magic Animals: new works by Anthony Purcell. Opening reception scheduled for Saturday, September Fourth from 7 to 11PM. More details and promotional materials to arrive in July/August.

“Peaches” by Anthony Purcell approx. 16″ x 20″ acrylic on wood cutting board



  1. Myke Allen

    Tone Capone! I’m so happy to see your work is finally being shown! I only wish i could be there. living in BC its gonna be impossible to show up but I want you to know that I’m putting this link on my page for my friends here to see. The independent art scene is alive and well here! you might get some requests for showings! I hope everything is going great for you! I heard that you’re still with that girl I met at your old apartment! Sweet deal man! she was a keeper! thorn gave me your batshit! “Change” gets me goin! I love you tony! MOI for life! hit me up on FB if you have an account!

  2. Myke Allen

    I think you’d really enjoy it here in BC! its a very comfortable and laid back area of the world. You and your lady friend could get lost out here amongst the rainforests and beaches. Thorn and his crew loved it! so much he came back! Sarah’s good at motivating isn’t she? I think its a good idea. that and a deviant art account. I have one but i dont use it like I should.

    yeah man, BC is the place. Its the best place on earth. My wife knows alot of people so I’ll be sure to get your name out there and try to find some galleries in victoria to show your work in. Then when you’re not showing your work we can hit up some peaches and camp out under the stars on the pacific! good times ahead! I was supposed to do a showing in a local gallery of some of my armor and weapons. I’m gonna get ahold of that guy and see if thats still possible and while I’m at it I’ll mention yuo and your interest. thats why victoria is so good! Everywhere else it takes so much to get what you want but here you only need to know the right people and we know em all!

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